First Time Visit for A Healing

What to Expect from a Meridian Energetics® Healing?

You will be asked to sign and fill out a Meridian Energetics® Consent Form pertaining to concerns and expectations you may have about this type of therapy.

Your first visit will last about 1-1 1/2 hrs. Consultation and adjustment will take place at the same time. The reason for this is that the Meridian Energetics® Practitioner can assess the situation and set up a criteria for each session. Every client has different needs and concerns so each visit is created as a stepping block to lead into the next adjustment. Progress can be felt in 3 sessions at either an emotional, mental or physical level depending upon the sensitivity of an individual.

About 6 sessions are recommended for full benefits and booster adjustments as maintenance.

Meridian Energetics Etheric Healing on a Client

Meridian Energetics® Practitioner will assess client’s yin/yang breath balance by placing hands on feet. Shortly after fingertips on meridian points located at strategic places of the body will allow the practitioner to connect to any emotional, mental, & physical blockages. It is a very light manual touch that releases and modifies irregular conditioning or patterning and energy within the clients biochemistry & neurological system.

During the adjustment clients will feel a degree of energy moving or increased circulation while others will feel nothing. Some clients feel a great sense of emotional or mental relief. Again all individuals will respond differently depending on their situation

Please note: For 1-2 days afterwards clients may feel tired, energized, or experience a light detoxification of the bowels or kidneys. This is a natural process of the body releasing issues, patterns, vibrations in the physical form of uric acid, or lactic acid.


Chinese Acupuncture Medicine Verifies the Meridian Health System

Meridian Energetics techniques actually compliment the concept of ancient Chinese medicine principles whereby acupuncture points on the human body are points along an invisible unseen system known as Meridians.

Through these meridians pass an invisible nutritive energy known as “Chi” that supply the whole body as well as the subtle energy bodies with life force energy to exist in this time space reality. Interestingly enough the Chinese believe that there are 12 pairs of meridians that are connected to specific organ systems within the human structure.

From the technological advancement of Kirlian Photography we do know that “Chi” exists. Even though science has not found a purpose for its existence, we do know that it does EXIST. We just don’t have scientific tools to sense these subtle energies & meridians going through the body. Although highly sensitive and intuitive people can see and feel these forces.

“Chi Energy“

The simple act of breathing “ Chi” keeps the physical body alive but it is the act of breathing “Chi” which is an automatic process that moves the life force or “Chi” energy through the body & other subtle energy bodies. If there is a blockage or lack of energy flow through these subtle energy bodies connected to the organs than ultimately down the road you end up having a physical problem. So the origin of disease does not begin in the physical body. Disease actually begins in the etheric body due to blockages of “Chi” energy flowing along a network of meridians in the etheric body.

A Meridian Energetics® practitioner can tap into this meridian system by placing hands on the clients feet asking him / her to take a deep breath. The practitioner can then access the client’s rhythm of breath and tap into the energy blocks located at different meridian points and correct the imbalance to create an even flow.

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