Healing Benefits

The Healing Benefits of Meridian Energetics®

Are these just some of your issues or concerns?
Have you experienced emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse?
Are you angry, have phobias or feel anxious?
Do you have digestive problems?
Do you suffer from PMS or Menopause?
Do you want to lose weight but don’t know why?
Do you require some pain management?
Do you feel an intense pressure in the heart or an emanation from it but have not been diagnosed with heart problems?
Then you may want to consider a Meridian Energetics® session!
Please note: Not all Meridian Energetic Practitioners can work with those who are heavily medicated. So some restrictions may apply. Please ask first!

Meridian Energetics® can make possible changes at any of these levels.

Physical Changes

  • weight loss
  • increased circulation
  • increased energy increased metabolism
  • cleansing &detoxification
  • improved immune response
  • to help break the cycle of self-perpetuated illness & suffering

Emotional Changes

  • reduce stress & anxiety
  • to allow you forgiveness
  • to help strengthen self esteem
  • to help instill strengthen or awaken more trust in life
  • to help you have the courage to maintain an open heart
  • to help reduce rage, anger, & frustration from being abuse or controlled

Mental Changes

  • a more relaxed & positive attitude
  • higher self awareness & creativity
  • creating healthier patterns of thinking
  • greater degree of clarity, focus and discipline
  • to help overcome procrastination

Spiritual Changes

  • improves communication & relationship skills
  • helps release past failures or attachments
  • helps protect oneself from possible malevolent &ambient negativity
  • to help overcome invalidation from others
  • to help transform feelings of shyness, ineptness or social unease
  • helps break the attractor field which draws troubled men or women

When an individual approaches us or one of our practitioners for assistance it is important that the following must be understood:

  • acknowledgement of of an issue or difficulty that must be overcome and in doing so that change can only be achieved with and individual who has a total open mind and is willing to participate in the suggestions that are made in order to create that change.
  • that whether a client is visiting our office or any of our practitioners there is a proper mode of conduct, respect and behaviour.
  • that the modality is used to assist or complement what an individual is already doing to bring them into a healthier state of being. (exercise, diet, nutrition, meditation, supplements, massage, herbs)
  • that we make no guarantees or claims as to how long it takes an individual depending on their state of health to receive or feel benefits (some who are sensitive feel its effects immediately where others it can take up to 3-6 adjustments to feel a semblance of balance.
  • that the time during their visit and there after, a period of emotional, mental, or a physical healing crisis may occur.
    a waiver may need to be signed before the healing adjustment can be performed.
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