Meridian Energetics Inner Child Development Classes

So many of us have been through so much trauma, brainwashing and conditioning that we have forgotten the most important aspect of ourselves. It is the inner child. We grow up not having developed very much of ourselves at an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

These exercises are created for individuals whom wish to reintegrate aspects of themselves that have gotten separated. If you have been abandoned, abused in any form, feeling a loss sense of self, always feeling incomplete without the other half, lack support from either your mother or father, always need attention or approval for yourself are some examples of why these exercises would be truly helpful to you.

We have a base foundation of exercises but once we understand your issue or problem, the exercises are modified or changed to meet a specific frequency to assist you with your healing journey.

If you would like to particpate in your own souls journey with these guided exercises contact us for a SKYPE CHAT INTERVIEW for 15 minutes. If we find you have a stable enough emotional and mental faculty you can begin your inner child sessions with us.

Once your SKYPE CHAT is over and if Mel or Nicole think you are ready for the exercises you can then go ahead and pay for your first session.

Note: All exercises are registered under our Meridian Energetics Trademark. Therefore once taught these exercises you cannot teach them to others.

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