Meridian Energetics Certification Phase 1




MERIDIAN ENERGETICS® is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK.  It is owned by Nicole Hibbs. The technique is presently taught by Mel Brand.  Legally no one can use this name for any reason in the holistic community as it is protected under the trademark act.  The only individuals that are allowed to use the registered trademark are trained Meridian Energetics Practitioners.  Our students are taught the modality and its techniques which are also protected under the trademark agreement.


Please make sure you have a 15 minute SKYPE interview with Mel and sign our waiver first before paying for Phase 1.


Meridian Energetics Certification Phase 1

This course has 10 weekly exercises that work with getting you ready for the hands-on Phase 2.   They are 1 hour exericises done on SKYPE VIDEO with Mel.  You will need SKYPE and a video camera and a quiet room.  You must set aside a day and time weekly that you can download the teachings.  Each set of of exercises leads into the next set.  They are a guided series of exercises that help you work with mental and emotional states of consciousness dealing with inner child.  They will also assist you with learning what the difference is between your energy and that of your clients.

If for any reason you are sick please let us know immediately.  If you are sick and show up for class then Mel will cancel your class for that week.  Deal with any emotional or mental distractions ahead of time  Please show up for class on time and prepared. Lateness will be treated as a cancelled class for that week and will need to be rebooked.



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